How Do Men Act When They Are in Love? 3 Ways He’s Telling You He Wants You

It’s not uncommon for women to ponder the question, “How do men act when they are in love?” For many women, men are confusing because they don’t like to openly express their feelings. Therefore, to determine if a man is truly in love with you, you often must study his actions rather than listening to his words or hoping he’ll straight up tell you how he feels.

This article reveals 3 signs men show when they are in love and will help you become the woman your man will cherish and adore for all time.

Physical Affection

So how do men act when they are in love? The first tell-tale sign you can look for to determine if a man is in love is whether or not he shows you physical affection.

Men who are in love will hold your hand, cuddle with you on the couch, wrap their arms around you from behind when you’re doing the dishes, and will have the desire to be physically close to you outside of sex. They won’t be afraid or embarrassed to be physically affectionate in public.

Those 3 Simple Words

Men who are in love also aren’t afraid to say the three simple words, “I love you.” When a man is not in love with a woman, he will find it very difficult to say I love you, unless he has sinister intentions. When a man doesn’t feel in love, he’ll often try to avoid the subject or say similar things that don’t have as strong a meaning to try and downplay it.

However, a man who IS in love with a woman will say I love you and isn’t afraid to say it in public even if his buddies or other people are hanging around who might give him a hard time or tease him about it.

Making Time

How do men act when they are in love when it comes to making time for a woman? Men who are in love make excuses to be with a woman and not the other way around.

They will spend time with their woman instead of going out to the bar with their buddies, or they’ll leave the bar early to be with their woman. They’ll also make time for their woman even if they’re extremely busy with school, work, family obligations, etc.

When a man is in love with a woman, he also won’t mind doing things she enjoys even if he doesn’t. For example, he won’t mind going shopping with her, going to a play, or doing other things with her even if they are outside his interests. Simply being with her will be his main priority.

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