Are you prepared for the winters, better yet is your garage door read for the winter? In winters one has to take care of many things around the house and you should never forget your trusty garage door. When the wind is howling you can listen to the knocking of the windy breeze at your garage door. The winters can also make your garage door rusty. Your garage door can be badly affected by those snowy winds and can result into door replacement. In this article you will get a few simple tips to protect and prepare your garage for the winters.

Start with Cleaning: - First and foremost, is to clean your garage door. Start by rinsing the door with water to remove the muck from the door. Then clean it with a regular soap or shampoo and rinse it again with water. Let it dry properly.

Caution: - Do not use strong cleansers and detergent for cleaning.

Get the lubrication back: - After properly cleaning the door, it needs to be greased again. One should make sure that the door is well lubricated in the winter season. Winters can reduce the lubrication which can stagnant the door. Homeowners or commercial door owners are advised to apply metal lubricant to the garage door parts.

Caution: - Don’t use petroleum based lubricants, it can harm the rubber

Grease as well those moving parts of Garage Door: - Now you need to check all the moving parts of the garage door. Snow makes these get struck; hence they need proper care and lubrication. Lubricate the rollers, tracks and door handle with regular motor oil. One should perform the same activity twice in a year for proper functionality.

Clean and lubricate the Garage door Opener: - Along with all the moving parts of the garage door, cleaning and checking of the door opener is a must. Ensure that door opener is working properly. Check the batteries and replace them if required. Regular performance of these activities will let your door opener work properly for years. If for any reason the door opener is stuck, contact garage door experts for this job in no time.

Check the Door Balance: - The door balance must be checked. This can be done like, First lower the door manually till halfway. Next, check if the door is falling down and going up without stopping in between. Along with this check the sensors also, to ensure that they are working properly. If you think either the door is not balanced or sensors are not working properly then contact door experts.

Seal the Garage Door Weather Seal: - Last but not the least check the weather seal. Clean it with the help of soap or mild detergent. Lubricate the weather seal with weather-stripping or silicone lubricant. Repeat the process every three months for the proper working of weather seal. Close all the gaps which will prevent the cold air to enter and will keep it warm.

Following these simple steps can surely make your garage ready for the winters. Still, if you feel there’s a serious problem with your garage door, don’t resist calling the door experts. Remember garage door prevention is better than the garage door replacement.

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