The year 2012 has witnessed many trends, changes, and updates within the blooming SEO industry. The number of updates by the Search Engine giant Google has changed the mathematics of webmasters. Now lets see what does 2013 has unique or shocking for webmasters.

Many webmasters have changed their SEO moves comprehensively, while others are still practicing the same. SEO experts anticipatemany new updates and changes in the field this year. Before proceeding, lets point out a couple of bigchanges that occurred in 2012 after Google update. The effect was tremendous:

Google's 2012 update: Do not forget!

The Panda update by Google –This 2012 update by Google targeted low quality sites, which relied on illegal SEO tactics and improper backlinksto earn higher search engine ranking and traffic. Websitesused variety of techniques like generation of low quality content, vigorous article submission on marketing sites, inferior back links through plagiarized articles, keyword stuffing, and other techniques. Google imposed temporary restrictions on sites relying on low quality back links and illegal means ofattracting higher traffic. This change has affected websites (mainly micro sites).

The Penguin update by Google –This update by Google targeted websites that were over-optimized, with keyword stuffing, over use of keywords in anchor-text; making it appear like a marketing content, and also sites involved in different unethical link building techniques like – spun articles, artificial link profiles etc. This change has affected websites relying on these techniques to attract traffic and earn higher search engine ranking.

However, the Search Engine Giant also offered a solution to this problem by introducing techniques like disavow link tool to help websites regain their status and attract traffic positively.

Disavow link tool : A brand new (in 2012) Google tool -

This tool enables websiteowners to remove or clear spammylinks or back links generated through unethical means from your site. It was an extraordinarily amazing opportunity for website owners to repair their tainted image. Owners affected by low quality links, can intimate Google to ignore certain links while accessing their site. This can be done using the Disavow tool. It is a great tool for fixing unnatural links, which affects the website ranking.

Now a question might bother you - “Do each one of us have to use disavow tool for our website” The answer is no. It is not mandatory for websites usethis tool, unless you are affected by Google's Panda update.

Note: It might take more than a week for Google to remove unnatural links.

Here comethe SEO predictions and updates of 2013:

The latest trend suggestscompanies to focus more on brand building rather than resorting to illegal means for link building. Brand building can benefit you in the long run. In a nutshell, create the productfirst and then go for SEO.

Video content is the latest trend. Focus more on video content marketing using YouTube rather than writing a lengthy boring marketing copy. Video content is in trend!

Use Google+ profile to market your business. Since, Google will generate rankings from your social media profiles, especially Google+

Expect more focus on keyword researching, video content, rich keyword specific content, and quality back linking, as compared to relying on unnatural back links for promotion of your product and services.

Expect rise in number of Smartphone users who prefer accessing websites on their mobile device. Target mobile users by creating mobile websites and engaging apps for promotion.

Google will focus more on revenue generation through Adwords. You can expect PAID results getting over unpaid ones.

More weight on quality content, this will continue to enjoy highest priority even in 2013. Create compelling and unique content rather than keyword stuffing.

Expect 'more' value for longer content. Search engines will give high priority to longer content rather short and incomplete ones, which makes no sense. What's going to work: longer content, natural links, quality posts etc.

Customized search is the future. It will play a vital role in generating more leads and converting almost all of them into opportunities.

Expect a change in the role of webmasters. As an SEO professional, you will have to look beyond traditional techniques. It'stime to adopt “inbound marketing” tactics like content building, digital marketing, and social signal buildings.

The title tagshould not exceed 70 characters or 6 to 12 words.

Content Writing Predictions and suggestions:

Write as much content as you can. Write blog at least once a week

It is important to earn at least one quality backlink once in a week

Consider updating the old content or populate your website with fresh content

A change in content writing trend:

Write blog from first person style (although not compulsory). Make it appealing

A picture worth a thousand words. Visuals have a powerful impacton readers. Develop engaging, unique, and comical images or consider uploading video content on your website

At least one write-up in every two weeksabout product launch is good. It encourages people to talk about your product.

Guest blogging generates valuable back links. Go for it!

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