The Samsung UE37D5520 is an LED TV from the very popular D5520 series. Samsung is the Worlds largest producer of digital televisions and this model is testament of their techological expertise in this field.

The Samsung UE37D5520 is filled to the brim with the latest wizardry to bring an awesome viewing experience. The principal feature of this model is its crystal-clear 37" LED display. LED displays can be found in the latest generation flat screen TVs and offer many benefits. As the name suggests, it uses LED backlighting Edge LED technology rather than the older technology that uses cold cathode flourescent system found in most other LCD TVs.

The result is that the Samsung UE37D5520 using far less power and is extremely energy efficient. In fact it has an A rating according to the EU Energy Labeling system. In 'ECO mode', this LED TV uses between 34-90 watts of power depending on the settings. This is incredible and is very efficient. The LED TV technology also means that the Samsung is very thin, at only 29.9mm deep!

This particular Samsung LED TV is also very efficient at dissipating heat than traditional LCD TVs and has a brighter display and increased contrast. This means that it has an ultra-crystal clear 1920x1080 Hyper Real Engine display! Whoa! So what does all that jargon actually mean? Well, basically when we are talking ultra-sharp, we are talking about double the resolution of standard HD!

Another defining aspect of the Samsung UE37D5520 is it's a Smart TV. This means that you can use Samsungs App store. This allows you to access online services such as LoveFilm, BBC iPlayer, Skype and even watch YouTube videos! There are loads of apps to choose from and it will transform the capabilities of your Samsung.

Allshare is another brilliant and innovative feature of the Samsung UE37D5520. Allshare simply lets you connect your TV to all your compatible wireless devices. It basically allows you to search, stream and play back content from your computer or any other compatible wireless device directly through your TV! The Samsung thus becomes a complete entertainment centre!

In terms of sound quality, the Samsung UE37D5520 features Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. However, as with any TV set, it is often best to purchase a separate speaker system to get the best quality sound. The sound system is perfectly good enough quality until it is turned up to its maximum which is where you will get some distortion and reduced quality. In some cases some customers complain that the audio is quite 'tinny'. To combat this, you can use an independent sound system, or simply tweak the in-built EQ function in the sound menu. Just raise the bottom end and reduce the top 2 bands. This will give you great quality sound even at high volumes.

So what do real customers think of the Samsung UE37D5520?

On Amazon UK, this LED TV has well over 140 reviews and one of the highest ratings. It is universally praised and any sort of complaints with the picture or sound quality is usually correctable by making small adjustments to the settings from the menu and this is not always required.

A common praise amongst people is that it is very easy to set up and the image quality is outstanding. This model is actually available in 40" and 46" versions for greater choice depending on your room size. The Samsung UE37D5520 is a super-modern, super-stylish and ultra-thin LED TV that is very popular with buyers.

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