Your 90s party supplies should include various icons of this generation. Photos, posters and artwork portraying the popular movies and movie stars of the time should adorn the walls, the ceilings, and the centerpiece. So your job is to find out what iconic figures this will include.

Rap music got popular in the 90s, and maybe this will be one of the main attractions of this 90s party. Hiring a deejay might not be a bad idea for this, as they know how to keep the atmosphere the way it's supposed to be for a party such as this. Of course, not everyone likes rap, so consider the musical tastes of everyone in attendance. A party can soon become a disaster, if this type of music is played and nobody likes it. When a person doesn't like rap it's like fingers on a blackboard, and your guests will probably leave early.

Nirvana and Pearl Jam brought alternative rock into the picture, and this might actually be the better way to please everyone who grew up in that decade. Also, if most of your party guests are into techno music, then absolutely drown out everyone else with this phenomenon.

Home Alone, Sleepless in Seattle, and the Brady Bunch movie were all really popular in the 1990s, so maybe the 90s party invitations should have these titles or photos of the trailers for these movies on them. And as is the case with any invitation, include details of the 90s party on this invite. The date, time, and location of the party are crucial to your guests. They have to know when and where to go to attend this party. Always include the exact address to avoid any confusion.

When guests look at the centerpiece of the '90s party, they might see the iconic faces of their generation. Always consider the audience. The buffet should consist of a variety of delicious choices for the party guests, especially if there will be the drinking of cocktails. When alcohol is in the picture, it's best to tempt party guests with lots of food choices. Have a pizza delivered. The aroma of the pizza will invite your friends to have a slice even if they drank too much. It may actually help in sobering them up just a bit. It's always best to have friends leave the party house walking in a straight line, rather than having to worry about them, even if they have a designated driver.

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