There are many coffee machines out there, but for great design and flawless result, people should consider purchasing the Krups XP4000 to deliver perfection and easy operation. Lots of people buy their coffee machines without paying attention to the details or great features; they just need a machine that can make coffee. It's a mistake that is often done by people without thinking about the quality of the beverage they're consuming. If they want to get rich taste and great experience in enjoying their coffee break moment, this particular machine should be their top option.

The Krups XP4000 is made by German company that wants to provide customers with great machine with easy setting and high quality taste. It's made by European designers that stick to their plans of delivering great machines with easy application and hassle free set up. The Europeans are famous for their perfection. For them, everything should be built in perfect manner, even the smallest details. That's why this coffee machine comes with simple and almost plain design, yet it hides true power and great performance to benefit the users.

The features and specifications of this Krups XP4000 coffee machine are good and handy. For a starter, the design may be plain and simple, but with black cover and metallic decorative items, it looks stylish, elegant, and timeless. It's suitable for modern and contemporary setting, but it will look odd in traditional home setting. It has pumping system with 15-bar that will produce nice and strong black coffee. But if people don't really like strong black coffee, they can always make cappuccino, thanks to the automatic cappuccino feature. In fact, this system will blend milk and steam in the right amount to produce froth milk. It won't be too sweet or too bland. The filters are interchangeable and able to accommodate a cup or two cups of coffee. Users can use the pods of single or double use. They can also set it to E.S.E usage, if they want to. Thanks to the selector dial that is quite visible due to the size, users can always switch the machine from espresso mode to cappuccino feature that will froth the milk. It also comes with drip tray from stainless steel for easier clean up and resistance and also warming tray to keep the beverage warm for long period of time.

Some users say that they previously thought that the machine is quite odd and too plain. With almost boxy shape, it doesn't look appealing…at the first glance. But after some time, they've changed their minds. The design is quite nice, although some people may consider it boring. It's also quite heavy. For people who want to be able to move the machine easily, this Krups XP4000 may not be the best option. But for users who want to have sturdy and solid device, this coffee machine is suitable for them.

Despite the great features, some users dislike the machine because it's a bit noisy and somehow the design is a bit awkward. They have to empty the drip tray regularly and to empty the part isn't something that is easy to do. The milk frother takes long time to finish. It can detach itself when users don't attach it thoroughly and completely. Well, people have their own preference about things and it's up to them to choose the machine the like. Is the Krups XP4000 truly for them?

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