February 21, 2012

Lots of people have become rich by claiming that in order to relax naturally, all you have to do is to reduce your levels of cortisol. This is the hormone that kicks into action when we get stressed. The claim that this overproduction of the hormone can actually help us to store body fat, rather than get rid of it has been a goldmine for many weight loss products. Their products claim that they can block or severely reduce the levels of cortisol so that the body becomes a lean, slim machine!

Well, there are no scientific studies that prove this at all. Stress levels may just cause us to eat more and especially the famous comfort foods which are nothing more or less than carbohydrates made from simple sugars.

So, how do we relax naturally and how can we avoid overeating? Here are a few suggestions.

First, we all have different ways of reacting to stress and our character and attitude largely determine how we are going to react to stress. There are some people who can just sail through everything while there are others, like me, who get anxious, worried and stressed out at the mere thought of things going wrong and all the difficulties that we have to face on a day to day basis.

If we do not know how to manage stress levels, the situation may get out of control in overeating, anxiety, depression and negativity may all start to take over and once we get into that downward spiral, well, it is very hard to get out of it.

So, what is the secret of being able to relax naturally? The first step is to get in touch with your body again. This is a great way to relax naturally and you can choose any form of physical activity which makes you just more aware of your physical reactions and that takes your mind off things. Any physical exercise such as swimming, walking, yoga or whatever turns you on, can have a profound effect on you.

There is also the added bonus that the good mood hormones called 'endorphins' start to kick in and you just end up feeling that bit better, more relaxed and just more optimistic and positive. In fact, I know very few people who practise sport of any kind who are depressed. They have learned that the best way to relax naturally is to get moving.

The second step is to look after our sleep and overcome any challenges that are preventing this. There is no doubt that we need seven or eight hours sleep and there are very few people indeed who can survive on less. The lack of sleep can cause fatigue, irritation, anxiety and also more stress because if we are worried about getting off to sleep., then that only worsens the situation. There are various remedies and we should look at supplements as melatonin and valerian which can often help. Theses are usually better than the traditional conventional sleep aids which can lead to a sort of dependency.

The third step is to seek a larger circles of supporting friends and acquaintances and that means we have to take the first step. Nobody will ring our bell unless we ask them to. But the facts speak for themselves because most depressed and isolated people have a very restricted circle of friends and acquaintances. It is this support which can have such a beneficial effect on our metal health. It should never be underestimated.

These then are just some of the ways we can learn to relax naturally and to make sure that we have a better emotional balance and feeling of well being. There are many other ways and also some herbal and homeopathic remedies which can be tried to give us a helping hand.

Anti depressants and anti anxiety meds are a two edged sword. Find out what the alternatives are to relax naturally which will enable you to live a normal life again. Click on the website to discover safer and gentler ways of coming to terms with stress and learn how I discovered ways to calm my nerves.
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