Business mission posters and vision posters are some of the most effective form of communication to your staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders and it is now possible to create your own using specialist motivational poster sites. Here, we will explore mission posters and vision posters in detail.

What are Mission and Vision Posters?

Mission and vision posters are posters that show both the mission and the vision of a company. The simplest of mission and vision posters display just these two pieces of information. However, there are others that have these bits of information and additional text or some pictures in order to make them stand out.

What Information Will I Find on a Mission and Vision Poster?

As mentioned, on the most basic of designs you will find just the mission and vision statement of a company without any further detail. In its simplest form, a mission statement will detail the purpose of the company. However, some mission statements also include other bits of information like the company's main USP.

The vision statement outlines how the organisation wants to be seen in the future, or the overall goal of the company. This could be a long-term goal, but it needs to be something that focuses on what the employees of the company can drive toward. This is the sentence that should be used to motivate, while the mission statement should be factual.

Do They Work As Motivational Posters?

There is a debate about if mission and vision posters work to motivate employees or if they are nothing more than a distraction. There are a few people that see them as ineffective. However, the vast majority of people recognise their value. The reason why they work to motivate people is because they remind the staff members of the mission and what the company would like to achieve in the future, which increases the level of ambition.

In order to be most effective, these posters need to have a design that is different to other promotional posters. Some say that having just the mission and vision statement makes the poster look bland, while others say that having these two small bits of information on a large poster will draw you to the meaning. Do not be afraid to add more information, as long as it is relevant and adds something to the statement that you are trying to make.

If there is a new company that wants to form a mission and vision statement, and the staff members have a say in what is used, then this can be really beneficial. If you are part of the formation of a statement, you will feel more inclined to follow it.

The last point is that mission and vision posters are always specific to the company. More often than not, motivational posters aimed at a single company are much more effective than a poster that has been taken from somewhere else.

If you get the design, size, statement and 'look' of the poster right, this type of poster should be the focus point of any display in the office or at any workplace.

Leigh Dorling is passionate about helping businesses succeed and created as a fun way to produce motivational posters for his clients and to aid them create powerful reminders of values, vision, beliefs and goals. He also runs a successful executive coaching company dedicated to helping others succeed.
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