The skin is the largest and the outer most organ in the body which protects the internal organs against many disease causing microorganisms like bacteria, virus among others. The skin produces its own products which help maintain its condition and at times the skin can be infected by some bacteria and fungi resulting in diseases like acne and chronic eczema among others. So to protect your skin there are some skin care measures you have to take and one of the products used to protect the skin is the Aveeno cream.

History of Aveeno cream The name Aveeno is from the name Avena sativa, the scientific name of common oat. Aveeno the renowned skin and hair care product producers was launched in 1945 in the US. This company is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson Company the American consumer pharmaceutical and Goods Company.

The first product they produced in conjunction with Mayo Clinic was a soothing bath treatment which contains 100% colloidal oatmeal. This natural bath-additive has the natural ability to relieve irritated and dry skin and hold in moisture. Aveeno is known for using active natural ingredients in there products which are meant to treat skin conditions like psoriasis, sunburn, hives, poison sumac, poison oak, poison ivy, eczema among others.

In 2000, Aveeno launched a baby skin care product line to help moisturize, protect and cleanse the baby's skin. In 2002, they pioneered the study of natural ingredients responsible for efficacious skin texture and tone and help bring out the skin's natural radiance. This resulted in the first soy-based line of facial care. This product brand is the most trusted by the Dermatologists for the use of the natural ingredients.

Description of Aveeno cream This 100% oatmeal cream is a breakthrough creams and the most recommended by dermatologists because of its use of all natural active ingredients. Aveeno cream helps strengthen the skin's natural-barrier by moisturizing it; prevents the recurrent of extra dry-skin and also relieve the irritated skin. This cream has been clinically proven to reduce irritations and itching of eczema.

Specs of Aveeno cream • Natural colloidal Oatmeal • Ceramides • Essential lipids • Menthol • Allantoin • Glycerin • Shea butter

Benefits of Aveeno cream

1. Helps moisturize the skin- the natural active ingredient is formulated in a moisturizing base which contains allantoin and glycerin. The glycerin gets absorbed into the skin where it acts by attracting water to itself and help retain water under the skin surface.

2. Aveeno cream helps treat eczema condition- the astringent substance, allantoin acts by breaking down keratin a protein which forms a big part of the skin structure. In eczema condition the skin produces excess keratin causing the cells of the skin to harden and become scaly and thickened. This condition reduces the penetration degree of anti-inflammatory medicines and makes the skin inflamed and itchy. Aveeno cream acts by breaking down the keratin, this help the skin shed off the extra skin cells and softens.

3. The colloidal oatmeal combines with Shea butter, menthol and other ingredients to help sooth irritated and extra dry skin.

Although a bit expensive, many people who have used Aveeno cream claim that the cream cured the eczema which had affected them for years. This cream also helped reduce the itch and pain associated with chronic eczema leaving them with a soft and smooth skin.

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