Tutus are more than a traditional ballerina's outfit. With a few alterations, a tutu can become a magical princess, fairy or even animal costume. Home-made tutus are an affordable way to provide a costume that allows a little girl's imagination to run wild.

Moms, grandmothers, aunts, babysitters and anyone else with a special little girl in their life can learn how to make tutus that will light up their girl's eyes. Most children love to play pretend, and a tutu is a great accessory to their imagined story lines.

There are several options available that provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a tutu, and once the basics are learned, it's simply a matter of letting the creative juices flow to create tutus that transform a child into a fairy, a puppy or even a lady bug.

Online tutorials are an excellent way to learn the art of making tutus. Several no-sew patterns are available and by following some simple instructions, creating that fun costume is easy. Online tutorials often include videos that allow the viewer to pause between steps so they can make their tutu while watching the tutorial. This is something regular craft classes can't provide.

Internet tutorials are also very convenient since they are available anywhere there is Internet access. The directions and patterns can be viewed anywhere, without the hassle of carrying around craft books and patterns.

Girls of all ages can enjoy helping come up with ideas for the next tutu project and can even assist when learning how to make a tutu. They can hold fabric, glue pieces together and of course, try on the tutu for alterations.

No-sew tutus are ideal for costume parties, Halloween costumes, playing dress ups and even dance recitals. Crafters shouldn't feel limited by the idea of a traditional pink ballerina tutu. Tulle comes in all kinds of colors, so any costume that can be imagined can be created using a tutu pattern.

Crafters can even make a profit by creating and selling their tutus. Providing unique costumes is a niche that many mothers will take advantage of. Not everyone has the time or resources to create tutus, but a crafter can fill the gap.

Tutu costumes can be marketed online, in craft stores or at craft fairs. Crafters who set up a website to display their work can also provide a means of purchasing tutus directly from the site. They can provide contact information and even take requests for custom tutus. A website can be shared on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, making it easier for the seller to spread the word about their product.

Some craft stores allow customers to display their work. Those that make tutus can set up a display showing a variety of options and their contact information so shoppers can easily place orders. Some craft stores also have bulletin boards where crafters can post ads to promote their work. Crafters who attend craft fairs can display their tutus in a booth. Other crafters and those just visiting the fair to see the beautiful handiwork can purchase tutus directly from the crafter's booth.

Learning how to make tutus is beneficial for those that want to make an outfit for a special little girl and for serious crafters who would like to make a profit creating tutu outfits. Making a tutu doesn't have to be hard, and with the help of an online tutorial, just about any kind of tutu costume can be made in just a few easy steps.

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