Having standard routine during your recovery period is advised for your fast healing from your carpal tunnel syndrome. Your surgeon will prescribe you medications that you need and some may also give advice about important things to remember and to do for your fast recovery.

During the surgery, your ligament was cut so it will take some time for it to be fully recovered. Immediate recovery from surgery and normal function is not achieved straightaway.

You still need to focus on your carpal tunnel syndrome after the surgery because there were still things to do for you to recover. We always believe that we were healed right after the surgery, but it's not right and there are still things to do to regain your normal health. Pain killers and physical therapy are the usual recommendations of a surgeon, other than that there were still other ways that you can do to be able to heal fast.

Focusing on the inflammation is your number one priority. Inflammation is manifested by pain, swelling, and loss of function of the affected part; however it is the normal response of your body because of the damage on the skin or tissue. This will also affect the healing process of your operative site so you should deal with it as soon as possible. Ice compress is needed to be put on it to reduce the swelling and it should be done twice every hour for about 10 to 15 minutes.

It is very important that you rest and immobilize your hand for 2 days so your tissues can start healing properly. You can chose splint, brace and plasters to help you to immobilize your hand. Moving your hand everyday for just a little bit will also help you to regain its normal function. A physical therapist's guides could also make it much easier for you.

Elevating your hand above your heart will also decrease the swelling. When you sleep, put your hand on a pillow. And you also should move your fingers first slowly.

What could really help you now is eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. For your easy and faster recovery, drinking a lot of water and eating vegetables will help you in achieving this.

A schedule for a follow-up check up is usually 2 weeks after the surgery. That is when your stitches will be removed and new splint will be applied. Your splint will be removed after 3 weeks, depending on your surgeon's advice and the severity of your case. You can move your hands vigorously as long as you can tolerate it after 6 weeks of surgery.

For more info on carpal tunnel healing check the site on carpal tunnel remedies.
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