Note : These are generic instructions, check with your supplier for instructions to install the specific models of cable baskets.

In today's industrial age, industrial environments need advanced products that make installations and maintenance easier.  If your data center or office environment uses data cables to operate, you should understand the benefits of installing a cable basket.  Cable baskets make installing data cable products quick and easy.  The baskets eliminate the need for custom fittings and do not require a comprehensive set of accessories to accomplish the job.  With the right cable basket, you can install flexible fittings in your environment with just a jaw bolt cutter, a wrench and the right support system.  If you find the right lightweight basket trays, you can complete the installation yourself and save both time and money.

How to Install Your Own Cable Baskets?

Choosing the Right Trays and Understanding Load Capacity

When you invest in a cable basket, you should understand cable tray fill calculations to invest in the right amount of trays.  According to the National Electrical Code Article NEMA 392-9(b), cable trays may only be filled up to 50 percent when you are using control or signal data wires.  The basket tray should equal the width times the loading depth and the basket will appear as if it is full when only 50 percent of basket is filled in cables.

How to Cut Your Wire Mesh Basket

Before you do any cutting, you should understand that the outside cable basket tray will not be cut.  Installers should only cut the inside and bottom of the cable basket tray to remove the right amount of wire meshing.  You will have to identify the area and the number of rows you should remove before you perform any work on any of the cable basket fittings.  The location of the cuts will depend on where the section is being placed.  If you need to create a 90 degree bend, you have to perform different cuts than you would on cable basket trays installed at a 60, 45, or 30 degree bend.  The cable basket instructional guides should help you measure where you should cut your wires.

Bolt-less Connection Systems

Some of the best cable baskets use the best easy support and connection systems for easy installation.  The most difficult part of installation with a basket tray is the cutting.  Once you perform the right cuts on your basket trays, you can move on to suspending the cable basket from the ceiling.  If you invest in trays that come with an easy bolt-less connection system, you never have to fumble with hardware or a bag full of tools to install the splice connections and supports.  If you choose the right cable baskets and the right sizes, you can use an open end wrench and a straight screwdriver and complete the suspension process.

Cable baskets can offer your business a variety of different benefits.  If you want to lift up your data cable products and protect them from damage, invest in the right wiring trays and learn how to install them right.  You should always select the right wiring method and design your wiring system right before you start the installation process.  Make sure you invest in the right basket size and the right number of baskets before you make any cuts.  If you hire a professional installation company, research contractors in the area with experience in data cable product installation, especially for cable baskets to meet your specific needs.  Review the cost advantages and the products available and make a wise investment.

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