Non-smoker lives a much healthier life compared to a person who smokes. Doctors have always linked the habit of smoking to several problems that might take place therefore, hence threatening the life of smokers. Smoking will always lead to functional disabilities and short life span whatever your reason is for smoking.

Generally, studies show that a cigarette cuts down the life span of a person by 14 minutes. Therefore, if we calculate this way, then you can imagine the number of years your life will reduce if you are heavily into smoking. Therefore, if you want to live a happy and long life, it is best to quit smoking entirely or at east reduce it.

Studies are conducted to show proofs how a smoker can live a lesser life compared to a non-smoker person. Richard Doll with his group had reached 50 years of study finding out the lifespan with a non-smoker and a smoker. His study concluded that a life span of smoker is almost 10 years shorter in comparison to that of a non-smoker. Similarly, according to University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter, April 2000, if a man smokes a pack of cigarette every day for a year, he would lose 2 months of his life due to this. This also means that if a person tries to quit this habit early in his life, he would cause his life span to reach to that of a non-smoker. However, if a person starts to smoke from an early age, and become an addict, there is a high chance that they might die in their middle age.

People can thus try to shift to other alternate methods. You can use Ecigarettes designed by a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik developed in 2003. This cigarette does not contain any toxins and harmful substances which reduces some health damages. Moreover, they do not emit any smoke or smell when the person uses it to smoke. E-cigarette is equal in number to a pack of cigarettes but in a cheaper price. When a person wishes to improve the taste, smell and feeling of tobacco smoke, they can make use of E-cigarette Atomizers. The device has a liquid solution that will alter on be turned to vapor which is o be inhaled by the smoker. This liquid solution is known as E-liquid or E-juice.

It contains flavoring, nicotine and propylene glycol that make a smoke invisible. It is run by a battery and is rechargeable. Its life depends on how much the E-cigarette has been used by the smoker. By diverting smoking addiction to this product, it might help you decrease the risk of life degradation and health problems existing caused by smoking.

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