Sweden’s economy is growing. Even the global economic crisis could not slow it down completely and Sweden is currently ranked amongst the most economically competitive counties in the world. Due to the Swedish government’s direct involvement in aspects of business such as promotion of foreign investment, the country has become a favorite location for foreign companies to set up shop. This creates a wealth of opportunities for those who speak the language to get into the Swedish job market.

Sweden is currently in its 3rd year of steady growth from foreign investment. The falling demand for Swedish goods due to the economic crisis has driven the government to aggressively pursue more investment from the outside. As businesses look to expand into Sweden, the need for those who can speak the language is growing. Finding people who not only speak Swedish but also have degrees in relevant fields is a top priority for businesses. The very low amount of people who speak the language makes the job market even more in demand for fluent speakers. Swedish speakers are especially needed to deal with aspects of business such as translation, doing anything from business meetings to working on the ground floor at new industrial centers.

The types of professional Swedish language jobs that are available do not stop as translation. Companies starting businesses in Sweden need people from their own countries to oversee and run many aspects of their new investments. Those who speak the language can expect to find many doors opened to them. Communication is necessary on all levels of the hierarchy, so this unique skill is not limited only to specialty areas. Even Swedish companies are looking towards skilled foreign employees as options to handle specific tasks. Though most of the population speaks languages other than Swedish, a native speaker is usually preferred due to their knowledge of the nuances of the language. Translators for marketing and product labeling is just one such example of a job where a Swedish company might seek outside help. One more option for those who wish to use their knowledge of Swedish to further their employment is with companies that, while not directly investing in over sea’s expansion, still wish to open their markets up to a Swedish customer base. With the prevalence of internet based businesses, this a becoming more common for areas such as customer support as well as sales and contract negotiations.

The rise of Swedish companies’ needs for brain-power in their IT and biomedicine fields create a unique opportunity for those with different sorts of degrees to find a Swedish job and live in the country doing research or development of new products. For those whose Swedish job involves relocation, they will find that the country is a wonderful place to live. While Sweden has one of the highest costs of living, it also has one of the highest standards of living in the world. Luckily, higher salaries help to offset some of these increased costs.

Every foreign language adds more marketability to one’s career prospects, but the need for Swedish is rapidly expanding. Swedish language jobs can be a great way for those in the business world to get in while the market is in demand, as well as provide new chances for those who simply speak the language and want Swedish jobs. Exploring the options of using Swedish as a way to move ahead in one’s career is something to seriously consider.
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