What are the beginning stages of genital warts?

Many people have been curious on what the symptoms of genital warts are. How should you determine if a strange bump is a genital wart or not? This article will attempt to take some of the doubt and uncertainty behind genital warts so you can identify if you have it and what to do about it.

What do genital warts look like?

They look pretty harmless and unnoticeable to start with. They are typically small raised areas of skin that are the color of your skin. This is unlike pimples, which have a change in color and a raised area of skin. So they tend to blend in and are hard to notice immediately.  Also, unlike other skins issues that where the problem may be here or there, these flat bumps are usually in groups together and are not isolated or scattered to begin with.

Do genital warts hurt?

They usually do not cause much pain in the beginning but may be sore when you press on them. As they grow in size they can become uncomfortable and itch. It is a common misconception that if they are touched, itched or rubbed and then touched somewhere else on the body that they will spread. Genital warts do not spread that easily. It is important, however to leave these marks alone and not to pick or itch them. If they bleed, then you are more vulnerable to the problem spreading.

How long do genital warts take to develop?

Statistically they will begin to be seen by the naked eye between three weeks and three month from exposure.  This timeline varies by amount of exposure, your natural reaction and natural body’s ability to fight off the virus. The more you are exposed, the quicker you may react to the exposure. It’s important to remember that a virus called HPV causes genital warts. Like all viral infections, your body may learn to fight it off on it’s own and it may need help in suppressing the infection to feel normal again.

I think I may have genital warts. Are there treatments available?

Yes there are good treatment options available to ward off genital warts.  Again, catching and treating genital warts early will stand your best chances again defeating the warts in a quick and painless timeframe. The exact treatment may vary for some. There is a prescription ointment called podofilox that is considered effective but will need to be prescribed by a doctor. There is also a homeopathic remedy called Wartrol that is effective for most people and safe for most people but should not be taken if you are pregnant.

I maintain a blog that reviews wartrol and shows images of genital warts and other skin lesions at http://www.wartrolinfo.com/symptoms-of-genital-warts
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