So you want to know how to get better at singing. Maybe you have some natural talent, maybe you don't. You'll be happy and surprised to know it does not make any difference at all! There is a well-known vocalist, who has contributed his singing to many different types of genres and styles. He has been performing on the fiddle and vocally since he was 3 years of age. He has never had a job outside of the music industry, and if you were to hear his name, you would stop and take note of what you're about to learn. He firmly believes and teaches to all his students that anyone who can talk can sing. Just as anyone who wants to master an instrument has to put in the hundreds of hours to become great, the same goes for your instrument, your voice! Practice makes perfect and many hours spent honing your craft will enable you to become a professional, or reach whatever level of expertise you wish to create with your voice. Maybe that person who's voice you admire just spent more time singing in the shower growing up! You never know. Sing the scales, try singing songs that you enjoy and practice the parts that you struggle with. Practice for 30 minutes every day and split it into 3 parts. 10 minutes on technical stuff or notes you struggle with, 10 minutes adding to your repertoire and 10 minutes just singing what you like! It's simply a matter of ear training and teaching the muscles used to sing what they need to be doing. It's like going to the gym for your voice! Listen to music you like and emulate that. If you write music, find out what keys your voice sounds good in and write to match those specific notes. Learning how to get better at singing can be easy as pie if you just stop worrying and allow yourself to grow into your voice.

While some people have been gifted with more natural talent than others when it comes to singing, anyone who wishes to learn how to get better at singing can do so. There are obviously many techniques that will enable the vocalist to reach their full potential faster; you should never allow yourself to believe that you cannot ever sing. Here are a few tips, used by the professionals that will help you to become the singer you've always wanted to be.

1. Don't compare yourself to others. You are unique, your voice is unique. Embrace it and know that not everyone is going to love you, but that shouldn't make any difference. I'm sure you can think of at least 3 people who are very unconventional, yet very successful in the music arena. Each person has different tastes and there is a whole world of people out there waiting to fall in love with your individuality. Love your voice! Be confident. It shows. Emulate confidence and success!

2. Breathe. Remember to breath from your diaphragm or stomach. Relax and allow the notes to flow. Relax your nerves and relax your body

3. Probably the most important of these three tips is to PRACTICE!! Practice every chance you get. Stretch your limits, try new things! Learn from other's vocal ability but don't copy them completely.

Your unique voice is your instrument. Practice, relax and love what you are!

Skylar Larimar is a professional vocalist and vocal coach and has been taking pleasure for over 20 years in teaching hundreds of students to find their unique voice. She specialized in working with students who do not feel they possess natural talent and is capable of teaching even the most tone deaf how to sing out!


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