If your Sub zero refrigerator light is not coming on it might not necessarily be a easy case of a burned out . In virtually all refrigerators and freezers, the inside light should come on instantly once the actual compartment door is actually opened and is switched off once the door is actually . The compartment responsible for functioning the light is a push switch found in between the and door. Consider replacing the switch changing the light bulb does not clear up the problem.

Make sure you unplug the appliance before you attempt any repair. Electrical shock may result. Safety First.

Instruments and items necessary:

(a) a tabletop lamp (or various transportable equipment)

(b) a cleansing pad (abrasive kind)

(c) an emery board (utilized for fingernails)

(d) a screwdriver (little)

(e) a replacement ignite bulb


1. if the power is at outlet.

2. To check for electricity at the wall outlet, connect the lamp or various lightweight appliance in the wall used by the refrigerator. In the event the light does not , the line should be checked for a blown fuse.

3. If stage 2 if   there is power the wall, proceed to check the door switch.

4. open up the fridge or freezer door and search for the push-button switch which protrudes from either the rear of the cabinet or alongside the side of the cabinet directly at the rear of the hinged area of the door.

5. the switch as much as it will go into the cabinet soon after release it quickly to enable it to spring quickly. Do this again once or twice.

6. If the switch moves sluggishly or sticks. switch lever and it out as far as it could go.

7. If, following cleaning, the switch button continues to be or sticks occasionally once depressed by hand, look at it once more to find out if its straight.

8. If the switch is bent, very carefully decrease the drive by sanding it with a emery board. Make an effort to maintain the actual roundness of the switch. Check it for movement right after each and every sanding. Stop sanding as soon as it has totally free movement.

9. If the switch moves but interior light will not turn on a new switch installed.

10. If you have any problems with the above service tips . please feel free to contact us at on-timeappliance.com or Sub zero appliance repair
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