Ice machine mechanical refrigeration is completed by continuously moving, evaporating, and condensing a fixed supply of refrigerant in a closed system. Evaporation occurring within low pressure absorbs heat, thus causing low temperature. Condensation with high pressure emits the heat it absorbed in the course of evaporating, at a high temperature. Consequently the moving gas conducts the heat from one place to another.

 The vital elements which create the refrigeration system are:

1. The evaporator or cooling unit.

2. The pump or compressor.

3. The condenser

4. A liquid metering device (Restive)

5. A refrigerant.

Operation occurs in the following sequence:

1. The compressor reduces the pressure on the liquid refrigerant inside the evaporator till it boils, creating a vapor. As the compressor continues to remove the vapor minimizing the pressure, the temperature inside the evaporator lessens till a pressure level is reached at which the inbound liquid level balances the vapor being removed and a secure temperature outcomes.

2. The compressor, which has withdrawn the vapor, compresses it inside the condenser to a pressure which will produce its temperature above the room air temperature. Heat inside the vapor will flow through the condenser towards the cooler room temperature, causing the refrigerant vapor to condense to a liquid.

The operating temperature of the condenser shall be as many degrees over room temperature as is necessary to dissipate the heat absorbed within the evaporator and compressor.

3. The liquid metering device is a restriction to the flow of refrigerant from the condenser to the evaporator. The amount of restriction determines the rate of flow of refrigerant to the evaporator.

As a result the combination of components along with a refrigerant are united in a balanced system to provide refrigerant in some predetermined temperature.

 The following working temperature are usually in another range for each type of refrigerant utilizing system. Particularly, water coolers, dehumidifier, air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers all run using this kind of standard cycle. Only the operating range will change. As an example, there is no need for pressure to be too low in a water chillier since ice is not needed, merely cool water. (About 40 degrees)

 The wine refrigerator as well as your beer coolers run using a similar working methods the pressure on the low side might be different from the house refrigerator system were the pressure on the low side will be 3-5 pounds working with 134a refrigerant. Were as the wine chiller and bear chillier will run 12-15 lbs of pressure on a operating compressor low side using 134a refrigerant. In case you have any queries go to
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