July 7, 2011

On Saturday 2nd July 2011 David Haye was comfortably beaten on points by Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg. The fact that the pre-fight hype was more spectacular than the fight itself says an awful lot about Haye's performance. Haye was prepared to tell anyone who listened that he was going to 'mess with Klitschko'.

Haye accused Klitschko of being a fraud of choosing opponents that suited his fighting style in order to appear spectacular when he was not. Haye suggested he was capable of KO'ing his opponent even when he was a cruiserweight. He may very well have the power, Haye can punch, there's no denying that, but to knockout your opponent you need to hit him and to manage that you need to throw punches.

Haye didn't throw enough punches, he moved around and wasn't easy to hit, although Klitschko was able to do that more than Haye was. Haye needed to take chances and go after Klitschko who's protective defensive style helps keep his glass chin safely out of harms way.

With a two stone advantage and height and reach in his favour on paper it was a tough ask of Haye. But he promised so much and was unable to deliver when it counted. The travelling support was remarkable meaning that the weigh in carried more interest than the fight itself. This is not a very satisfactory outcome for the many thousand travelling fans.

With the fight being outdoors and the predicted rain coming there was the chance the fight could've been cancelled if conditions got too dangerous, the controversy of such an event would have made for more interest than the disappointing fare on offer in the ring. It was all a bit too cat and mouse, kinda dull.

Haye slipped over far too easily and far too often but eventually Klitschko was docked a point for pushing eventually in the seventh round, while Haye was deemed to have slipped too easily and was given a standing eight count in the 11th which seemed a bit much from the referee but he was probably as sick of it as the entire world watching was.

The final round was comfortably the most exciting with both fighters letting loose and actually throwing some leather. It was actually like a fight for three minutes and Haye edged it but it was way too little way too late and the huge Ukranian was rightly given the decision by some margin.

That final round suggested what the experts and punters had being saying all along, Haye must attack, he'd even intimated that was what he was going to do but failed to deliver when it counted. After the fight Haye said he'd hurt his toe recently so he wasn't 100%, a lame excuse! He has said he intends to retire before his 31st birthday in October, which will suit us just fine going on this performance.

Haye could have increased his chances by putting Klitschko under pressure and really going for the win. Click through to the excellent Epic martial arts blog and go to the Haye vs Klitschko fight post to read about how Haye could have put the now undisputed champion under enough pressure to win the fight.
78 - 2 - 0 - US