ePub is one of the latest files types that are being used for e-books, and thanks to the rising popularity of e-books among the youth of today the demand for documents in the ePub format are also on the rise. ePub documents are easy to make, and you can easily find a whole host of documents that are in ePub format.

There are a number of devices that can display ePub documents, and these devices are very diverse. Each of the devices made to read ePub documents have one thing in common: they are all great to read e-books. Some of them have been designed only to read e-books, while others have been designed with multi-functional uses in mind.

The iPad, made by Apple Inc., is one of the latest advances in portable technology, and the iPad is capable of displaying ePub documents. Not only is the iPad designed to be a book reader that allows you to display ePub documents, but you can also play games, surf the internet, check your mail, and a host of other tasks as well. Bookeen is one of the companies that are well known for their e-books and readers, and the Cybook Opus is their top of the line device that is easily capable of reading every e-book in ePub format.The Sony Reader is great to use for reading ePub documents and every other format commonly used for e-books, and the Touch Edition makes it easy for you to read your books and use the Reader using the latest touch technology. Barnes and Noble is famous for their large bookstores, and they have released an e-book reader in recent years on which ePub documents can be displayed and read.The Kobo eReader is a device that can display documents in the ePub format, allowing you to easily read e-books on your portable media device. The above devices are just a few of the many tablet and e-book reader devices that you can use to display ePub devices, and there are many more that are able to display documents in the ePub format.

Making an ePub document is actually fairly easy, and you can use Adobe InDesign to create your own ePub documents. Simply create your desired e-book or document to be formatted as an ePub, and use the "Export as ePub" option to create your ePub document. Calibre is another excellent program that allows you to export a number of files as ePub documents.

Transferring your ePub documents onto your devices is also fairly simple, and you can use iTunes to transfer ePub documents onto your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Using the software that comes with the Sony, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and other e-book readers can make it easy for you to transfer your ePub documents from your computer to your reader or tablet.

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