Many people believe that all wireless car MP3 FM modulators are complete junk. Most generic modulators look like small toys fit for a toddler; these wireless modulators are made by giant companies that don’t put any effort into producing a quality wireless modulator. Clearly these companies don’t actually use their own products.

First off, why would someone want a wireless car MP3 FM modulator?

Car MP3 FM modulators are a common product that people buy in order to use an MP3 player in their car. A wireless modulator allows you to transmit audio over an FM frequency and listen to your personal music on the car’s FM radio. The problem is that most wireless units produce low quality audio. A cheap wireless modulator will also experience considerable interference because of weak transmission power.

A low quality wireless car MP3 FM modulator will have the following attributes:

1.      Low cost: If you spend less than $30 on a wireless modulator, chances are that it will not provide you with the audio quality you’re looking for. Basically, you get what you pay for.

2.      Small number of pre-set frequencies: When you are in a large metro area it will be more difficult to find an open frequency. So if you only have a few frequencies to choose from, it is very possible that they will all have interference.

3.      Low quality audio: A cheap FM modulator will only be able to broadcast a few feet. If you are transmitting over a large distance, an average wireless modulator will have very low quality sound because of its weak transmission power.

4.      Only usable in a car: Several wireless units are made specifically for use in conjunction with a car’s cigarette lighter. This severely limits the modulator’s versatility, considering a high quality unit can be used in virtually any location imaginable.

5.      Might only be compatible with one type of audio source: Lower quality modulators usually come with only one way of connecting to an audio source, be it 3.5 mm or iPod dock connector. If you switch back and forth between different audio sources, a low quality modulator may not be compatible with all forms of technology.

Now that we’ve clearly defined a low quality modulator, let’s take a look at what a high quality car MP3 FM modulator is and what the benefits are:

1.      Ability to broadcast over the full public FM band. Every frequency between 88.1 and 107.9 will be in play; this way no matter where you are you’ll always be able to find an open frequency.

2.      You’ll have the ability to customize and tweak your audio to your exact specifications with volume and mute control, stereo to mono settings, preset frequencies to easily switch between favorites, microphone compatibility, manual on/off switch and automatic gain control.

3.      Large transmission distance and power (Approximately 150 feet: near the maximum amount allowed under FCC Law). This results in excellent sounding audio and essentially no interference.

4.      Compatible with almost any audio source, giving it an unlimited amount of uses. A quality wireless car MP3 FM modulator will be compatible with MP3 players, iPods, TVs, Computers, smartphones and many other audio devices. Quality wireless modulators are portable, so you can use it in almost any location, including your car, home, backyard, office, boat, etc…

5.      You never worry about running out of power because there are several ways to power the unit, including wall adapter, USB, cigarette lighter and batteries.

Anyone buying a wireless FM modulator (i.e. FM transmitter) wants the freedom to play their personal music using the car stereo, without giving up audio quality. It is important then to make sure you buy the best car MP3 FM modulator with the best performance and capabilities. Buying a cheap wireless modulator will only disappoint and frustrate you, so in the long run saving a few bucks is not worth the hassle.

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