CV joint failure can be a very serious problem. If one seizes up, it can cause steering failure and possibly cause the car to drop an axle. If a CV joint loses integrity entirely and falls apart, it can cause the drive shaft to drop out of the car. Therefore, it is important to know when these important parts need to be replaced.

One of the first things to note is the noises coming from your car. One of the main sounds associated with a bad CV joint is a popping or clicking sound while turning. If the noise gets louder when you put the car in reverse and back in a circle, it is highly likely that your outer CV joints are bad and need to be replaced. Another noise that indicates bad joints is a clunk when the car accelerates or decelerates. This sound may also be heard when putting the car into drive. If you are hearing this noise on a front wheel drive car, it means that there is too much play on the inner joint. On a rear wheel drive car, it could be the inner or outer joints, and on a four wheel drive, it comes from one (or more) of the joints on the drive shaft. Any of these noises coming from your car should clue you in to a failing CV joint. Visual inspection should follow.

There are other noises and clues that can be caused by a bad CV joint, but other factors are generally the culprits. A humming or growling can be a problem with CV joints, but is more often associated with bad wheel bearings. A vibration upon acceleration can also be caused by a faulty CV joint, but is more easily linked to a number of problems with the drive train. Vibration when increasing speed at all is rarely a problem with a CV joint, but is more likely to be an issue with the tires.

Upon visual inspection there are a few ways to know whether your CV joints need to be replaced. If the boot shows any kind of damage (i.e. it is split, cracked, punctured, or torn) then grease has escaped from the joint and dirt has gotten in and it is highly likely that it has been damaged and must be replaced. Once grit and dirt have gotten into a CV joint, it is estimated that eight hours of driving is all it takes to cause irreparable damage.

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