Natural cure for endometriosis are becoming increasingly popular over the conventional treatments. The reasons been that conventional treatments such as surgery, prescription pain killer, birth control devices and hormone therapy are often accompanied by harmful side effects. Natural treatments on the other hand can easily eliminate the pain caused by endometriosis, they are inexpensive, readily available and more importantly they do not cause any harmful side effects.

The followings are top seven ways to cure your endometriosis and the associated pain naturally:

1). Acupuncture

This is an ancient Chinese traditional medical practice. It involves inserting needles into certain parts of the body and is known to have cured various kind of ailment. These needles are usually made of long and extremely thin metal which are carefully inserted into various part of the body such as the head, knees, arms, thighs and feet.  The technique is normally carried out by a certified acupuncturist and has proved successful in curing many women of this condition.

2). Herbs

There are various kinds of herbs that can be used to cure the symptoms of endometriosis. These include wild yam, evening primrose and red raspberry for bleeding and cramps. Some of these herbs have been used by many women to cure their endometriosis condition. If you are experiencing pain or any other symptoms of this condition, you can take any of these herbs to relieve you of the symptoms. For example, you can add evening primrose and raspberry into a tea and drink it. Another popular herb is chamomile. Add a few drops of chamomile oil into warm water to bath, and this will relieve you of inflammation. Flaxseed is another herb that is known to help cure endometriosis. Flaxseed contains large amount of lignans which can be used to control endometrial cancer.

3). Diet

If you are suffering from endometriosis the most important step towards your treatment is to modify your diet. By engaging in healthy eating habit has helped some women to be totally free of symptoms associated with endometriosis. The main goal of eating healthy diet that is suitable for this condition is to decrease estrogen levels, increase energy and alleviate painful cramps. To control the symptoms of this condition, you should reduce intake of foods which can increase estrogens in your body. Some of these foods include red meat and dairy produce including all milk, eggs and cheese. These foods can aggravate the symptoms of endometriosis so you should avoid them. On the other hand, you should eat a diet that is high in fibers. Foods which are rich in fibers help with digestion and can also help to reduce estrogens level in your body. Fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables are high in fibers, so eat them regularly. Others include whole grains, brown rice and oatmeal.

4). Reduce alcohol and coffee intake

Cut back on your alcohol and coffee intake. As is generally known, excessive consumption of coffee and alcohol is not good for your health. To make the matter worse, alcohol and coffee intake are very bad for endometriosis condition.  They can aggravate the symptoms of endometriosis so you should avoid themBy avoiding or reducing them is an indication of healthy eating habit and this will help you get fast relief from endometriosis pain.

5). Water

Water is required in order to be hydrated regularly. Ensure that you drink plenty of water everyday. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. This will remove all the toxins and unnecessary fluid present in the body, while at the same time help in good digestion. More importantly, water can help you to cope with symptoms of endometriosis by enabling circulation in the pelvic region.

6). Exercises

Exercise is very important for losing body weight. By maintaining a healthy body weight will help you to cope with endometriosis. If you are over weight, this can stimulate excessive production of oestrogen in the body. Simple exercises like walking, jogging, running and cycling can help you to lose weight and control the symptoms of endometriosis.

7) Sleep

Sleep can help you to overcome the painful symptoms of endometriosis. When you sleep, your body regenerates and is fresh with energy. This can help you to manage the pain of your condition. Regular exercise coupled with adequate sleep will help you to control this condition. Therefore, try to get as much sleep as possible. Aim for 7 - 8 hours a night and ensure that you sleep very early.

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