My name is Julie and I want to share with you today three things that tremendously helped me in my healing process with Perioral Dermatitis.  As you know, if you yourself are dealing with this skin rash, that POD can be “stubborn” and “persistent”…..or so it seems.  Or some of you might even say “pernicious”, “debilitating”, “insidious” because you feel like you’ve been “battling” this condition since the first day it started.  Notice the words in quotes above….that is quite an array of strong words wouldn’t you say?  This leads me to my first tip.

Tip #1: Designify the Disease

Your healing process will flow when you begin to take away the significance of Perioral Dermatitis. What do I mean by that?  For starters I mean re-framing the words in quotes above.  At the risk of offending you with minimizing, let me say that this is just a temporary condition of your skin.  If you will choose to relate to Perioral Dermatitis in a simple objective way, you will be holding open the door to healing.

You are not your red, irritated skin… are amazing, strong, beautiful, handsome!  You’ll never hear me say “your POD” or “my POD”.  You don’t own the condition and it doesn’t own you. It’s just a temporary skin rash that your body is working through.  I believe your attitude and how you think about your skin is vital to your healing.  I encourage you to look in the mirror and be kind to yourself.  Be kind in your thinking about yourself and your skin at this time.

Tip #2: Ask Your Body What it is Telling You

Go look in the mirror and ask your body, ask your skin, what it is wanting you to know? I believe our bodies are communicating to us all the time. They are sending messages to us to take notice of. I believe that when we have pain, our body is communicating that something needs adjusting.

I have heard that our skin symbolizes our “individuality” and how we feel about ourselves in the world.

Perhaps we need to release a judgment, perhaps we need to accept a situation we are fighting against, perhaps we need to accept a part of ourselves, perhaps we need to let go of a grievance. Resentment, criticism and guilt are the most damaging patterns we engage in. And these patterns bear repercussions in our bodies.  Is there someone you need to forgive?

Tip #3: Slow down and Relax

       I believe healing comes when we s-l-o-w  d-o-w-n. When we pause,

reflect, unwind, listen, be silent. I believe this was important in my

healing from POD. One thing I believe my body was saying to

me was, “Julie, just breathe, just be, just be easy, let go, release,


Being stressed and anxious about the Perioral Dermatitis is not going to support your body in healing.  And believe me, I know this can feel like the hardest part of it all! I remember my best friend telling me every day to “relax” about it, and through tears I would say, “Relax? Are you joking?” And you know what, my healing started to come when I chose just that.  

I made a commitment to myself that I would relax about it.  So when I looked in the mirror and wanted to freak out because everything seemed worse, I would step back and choose to breathe, to believe, and to go do something that would make me laugh.

I know this might not have been what you expected in an article on Perioral Dermatitis, and yet I am convinced this is a part of your healing process.  Not to mention, good tips for all of life and well-being.

I wish you all success and healthy living!
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