Being interested in the strongest breeds of dog, above all in their ability to defend their owners against human enemies, in the course of long years I've been searching answer to a question that arose in me: Which breed of dog is most dangerous to bad people that could hurt me?

Searching the answer, I was studying particular breeds of dog, mainly divided into two essential groups:

1) Short-coated Molossers like Bull Mastiff, Rottweiler and similarly

2) Long-coated so to say "wild" breeds of dog used for protection of flocks and originally living in little colonized places - big Wolfhounds, that is the largest Shepherds and Ovcharkas like Akbash, Caucasian and Central Asian Ovcharka and Kangal.

After a long research I've discovered, that this so-called Ovcharka-type of dogs possesses the best combination of strength and rapidness. Also it's instincts seem to be less degenerated out of all the existing breeds of dog.

Seeking the number one in defense, I was comparing the results of single Wolfhounds and I've found out, that the best protector out of them all is the Caucasian Ovcharka. It's ability to bring down a bad human is higher than that of other Wolfhounds, because this breed has been used to guard laagers and prisoners in jails and also was used in wars. Thanks to these factors it's ability to deal with human enemies gradually expanded.

Using not only theoretic information but also my own personal experiences, I set up a web site about this wonderful breed of dog and about the way how to train it in the spirit of old tradition to keep it's ability not only to fight human enemies, but also wolves and other dogs.

My name is Pavel and if you are a true Caucasian Ovcharka's fan, you are welcome to visit my web sites and .

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