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The first Indian Ebola patient can be a potential cure for a future patient

Dr K K Aggarwal

New Delhi, November 22nd, 2014: The use of whole blood or serum from convalescent Ebola virus disease survivors is being used for the treatment of affected patients. The World Health Organization has issued interim guidance for the collection and administration of convalescent whole blood or plasma for treatment of Ebola virus disease (EVD). “The patient who is currently undergoing convalescence from Ebola should be persuaded.


Roof Care Tips That You Should Take To Heart

Diane Louise Villanueva

Expensive roof damage is almost always preventable with a bit of TLC from the homeowner. Remember that without proper care and maintenance, you'll put your roof at risk of incurring holes or growing a pool of water which can sooner or later lead to leaks. And you'll know what will happen next. Water will get in your ceiling. Your ceiling will rot then leak and your possessions will get damaged. I'm pretty sure that you...


UK Survey Response to the Ebola Crisis


bola, or Ebola Virus Disease, is currently one of the most deadly diseases in the world. A lot of countries, especially those in Africa, has been severely hit by this disease. It is anticipated to become a threat for a lot of countries in other continents as well. Although a few British citizens have been affected by the Ebola Virus as well. A survey in UK show that the British citizens are also feeling threatened by the virus. The...


Are You an Introvert? You Can Still be a Great Networker!

Kim Kirmmse Toth

Just for the record, even extroverts don’t always like to Network! One of the best tips I think I can give you is go to a networking event with a purpose in mind. If you enter the room with no purpose it could feel very daunting and you may find yourself just wandering around aimlessly. You are not there to sell anything. If you are going to have an offer it might be for a free ‘Discovery Session’ to get to know.


The Power of Combining Blogging and Podcasting

Jeannine Clontz

Podcasting and blogging can easily go together to make powerful assets for brands, organizations, and businesses. When combined effectively, they can play off of one another and result in a very effective, on-going promotional campaign. If you happen to have a podcast without a blog as its counterpart, you're missing out on an easy-to-grab opportunity to increase your listeners! One Benefits the Other By having both a...


Having Fun and Good Health Through the Holidays - Eating Well


It will come as no surprise to you that the holidays can be a challenging time to maintain the healthy lifestyle you have established throughout the rest of the year. The holidays are often filled with increased levels of stress, increased eating opportunities filled with delicious drinks, desserts and heavy meals, decreased exercise and decreased time for adequate sleep. Does it have to be this way? I don't believe it does....


Common causes of infertility - Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Rupal Hospital

The fallopian tubes are two thin tubes, one on each side of the uterus, which help lead the mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus.When an obstruction prevents the egg from traveling down the tube, the woman has a blocked fallopian tube. It can occur on one or both sides. This is also known as tubal factor infertility, and is the cause of infertility in 40% of infertile women. What Causes Blocked Fallopian Tubes? The...



Undercover US Government Creates Paranoid Citizens As It Fights Crime!

elle kynzer

Hey, " just because you are paranoid does not mean they aren't after you!" Today, as I breezed through the news and some varied articles... I realized that the access the government now has to the average citizen could lead to horrific misunderstandings. I mean now they have a way to follow your cell phone calls, read your e mails, and even mix among your friends.... or your current activities, as undercover...


How to Handle Client Complaints: The 7 Do's and Don'ts


As a business owner, you will at some point be at the receiving end of a client complaint (and you may have been a client with a complaint yourself). The question isn't whether you'll get them (you will!) - the question is, how do you choose to handle the complaint, and yourself, in response. This flipside take on what NOT to do highlights some of the most common things that we might be tempted to do when in the position..


Discover Why You Should Start Business Blogging Today!


Small business owners, especially those that deal largely in web sales, need to use marketing techniques that draw a specific brand of customers. More than ever before, this means that people across the globe can purchase small businesses’ services or products no matter where they call home. The old term is “ cottage industry ” and it has become a reality for many business hopefuls. Because of this, small businesses...


Twin Strollers

Ursula Ansbach

Finding the right stroller for your twins is not always an easy proposition. Especially of you want to pay a reasonable price for high quality. Here are some charactersitics you want to look for. A canopy that protects not only from inclement weather but also protects from UV rays. Look for a Scotchguarded canopy that will cover these needs. Coated fabric that is easy to clean will help a lot when those..


Options for Legacy Modernization


Legacy applications are what occur when the critical software you depend on can no longer keep pace with your needs. This is a natural consequence of technology constantly evolving while software you rely on stands still. When you realize this issue is on the horizon, you need to make sure you leverage legacy modernization , a term that refers to the practice of updating this mission-critical software. Here are five ways you can do...


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