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Clean Eating - 3 Tips To Clean Up Your Diet


"Clean eating" is one of the latest buzz phrases in our quest to find the "right" diet. There has been an increase in consumer demand for clean food products. Consumers are asking for products lower in sodium, without high fructose corn syrup and trans-fats, products with short ingredient lists, recognizable and "natural" ingredients. And the food industry is responding. Ingredients are being removed which.



Continuous education through INTERNET

Walter Gassenferth

Recently, teachers of graduate programs at prestigious educational institution came together to raise the skills demanded by the market, necessary to their work these days. Of the 35 competencies, between skills, attitudes and knowledge, set out eight (ie, about a quarter) of them concern the use of technological resources, such as social media INTERNET to stimulate the continuous education of professionals they educate. But what is...


Reduce the Risk of Stroke, Make Changes for Better Health

Michelle Stewart

May is National Stroke Awareness Month and the goal of the month's activities is to reduce the impact and the incidence of strokes. According to the National Institutes of Health, each year more than 700,000 Americans have strokes. The incidence of this health risk affects finances, relationships, mental health and community support resources. Focus on avoiding strokes should be ongoing and not simply the target of activities one...



Crazy Busy? How to Do More With Less Effort


Melissa spent the whole day running at full speed, jumping from one task to another without a break, barely taking a moment to grab a quick lunch at her desk. By the end of the day, she was exhausted. She looked back at her to-do list, and was dismayed to see that she hadn't accomplished all that much, despite her frenetic pace all day. What the... heck? She felt frustrated, and a little demotivated. And tomorrow was going to.



Venus - Earth's Sister Planet


The planet Venus, the second closest planet to the Sun, is sometimes referred to as Earth's Sister Planet. This is because of its proximity and similar size to Earth. When it comes to the environment however it is a whole different story. It is a hellish place with extreme temperatures, pressures, and acidic rain. It is definitely not a place you would want to go for a field trip. Venus is one of the brightest natural objects in.



Alcohol Dependence And Its Detoxification

Jon Mim

Alcohol and Addiction Alcohol is the leading substance when it comes to causing damage to people’s brain, their overall health and lives. It is quite astounding that 88,000 people die every year just because of alcohol. We are not even counting the number of deaths that occur due to the use of alcohol. Traffic accidents taking lives of thousands of people every year are a big example of alcohol induced crimes. People who...



5 Tools Everyone in the Android Development Industry Should Be Using


The android development industry is increasing day by day and the android devices are leading the mobile phone operating system market with the great designs and innovations that are being introduced in the market every day. It seems that every other day a new model and the technology is being introduced and the mobile ecosystem is changing which is going to change the way consumers use mobile and smart phones. It is important..


Is Your Business a Business or Are You Volunteering Your Time?

Kim Kirmmse Toth

First of all let me say, there is nothing wrong with being a volunteer!! I have volunteered a lot in my life and always will. Right now I am a Disaster Mental Health volunteer for the Red Cross and I am Program Chair for a non profit for women divorced and/or widowed. I put a lot of time and energy into these two and I love doing it. That said I don't believe you want to be a 'volunteer' when it comes to your business....


Is Your Teen Drinking?


Alcohol is the number one drug of choice for young Americans. In fact, it’s more likely to kill young people than all illegal drugs combined. The reason why: underage drinking is an easy, appealing risk for a lot of young people – and young people like to take risks. Teens don’t realize all of the consequences related to drinking alcohol. They don’t think they’ll wind up involved in traffic...


Signs: A Must-Have for Marketing Your Small Business


So you've started a small business, and you're ready to get out there and start marketing your product or service. Chances are, as a small business you have a relatively small amount of money that you can set aside for a marketing budget. As a small business the aim of an initial marketing campaign is often to build awareness. You've just started out, so chances are that not many people know that you exist, much...


How Well Can You Serve Being Rich?

Jay Pasana

It really is heartbreaking to see poor people who are able to survive living beneath a bridge, yet we cannot fathom how they have the ability to smile and make ends meet. Truly Rich Club’s mission is always to teach and be a blessing to these people. We share our knowledge on how to grow and then make millions so that we’ll have more than enough to give away support. We always hear the passage, “It is easier for a..


America Ranks Third in the World for the Epidemic of Malnutrition: Aka Diabetes

Cheryl Winter

When we think of malnutrition, we think of starving children in third-world countries, not something that occurs here in the United States of America. However, America ranks third behind China and India for this epidemiological form of malnutrition, called diabetes. You might be confused by this reference to diabetes as a malnourished state, when the majority of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese, and in no-way...


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