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America Ranks Third in the World for the Epidemic of Malnutrition: Aka Diabetes

Cheryl Winter

When we think of malnutrition, we think of starving children in third-world countries, not something that occurs here in the United States of America. However, America ranks third behind China and India for this epidemiological form of malnutrition, called diabetes. You might be confused by this reference to diabetes as a malnourished state, when the majority of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese, and in no-way...


6 Most Widespread Lies on Online Dating Websites


Our everyday life is fulfilled with lies the equally from our side and lies of other people. These lies can differ only by their level of seriousness and consequences which they can cause. And, unfortunately, online dating services are not and exception. As researches of American analysts show 80% of users of online dating websites lie to their interlocutors. Furthermore, the bigger age a person is the more false information this...


How to Pick on the Best App Developers?


Does your company designs application? In case your company does not then it is best to hire professional app developers New York to develop one for your business services or products. You might surely be thinking what makes a good mobile app development company and what it takes to search one. It is essential for you to know what to concentrate what is the best and know about the intricate of mobile industry. Here are some of..


People Skills

Jay Pasana

It's a common mistake to associate manners to being nice, kind and enjoyable, but Truly Rich Club only describes it in one word “EMPATHY”. Empathy is understanding another person’s experiences and emotions; it is beyond sympathy that is understanding the feelings. It is seeing things the way in which others sees it. Reasons of every action would make sense. The truth about it is that empathy is a skill, which...


IPL 2015- Attracting Youth in Large Number


This Pepsi IPL is only 6 games old, but it’s producing some incredible cricket. Total of 60 matches will be played between eight teams all around India for almost seven weeks at 12 venues. IPL is the most watched T-20 cricket tournament all around the world. The format of IPL season 8, 2015 tournament is double round-robin and playoffs. This year Kolkata Knight Riders are the defending champions. In this IPL, there are a lot..


If You're Not Here, Where Are You?


"Why isn't this working?", said a client, whom I will call Kendall for the sake of this article. "I should have more customers by now. When [insert name of a leader in her field] started, it wasn't this slow." Kendall had been working on building a new business online when we started working together. She had lots of business experience, having had a service business before for many years. And she was...


9 Convenience Store Foods for Your Next Road Trip


You are on a road trip, headed to the family cabin for the weekend or off to a friend's wedding. You need to take a break, stretch your legs and grab a snack; but where can you stop for a quick bite that will not leave you with a stomachache, a sugar rush and excess calories that don't fit so well into your day? There are a plethora of gas station/convenience stores conveniently located right off the highway, but how can you.


Few Tips about Resume Objective Writing


A resume is a marketing tool that is used to distinguish a candidate from others who are vying for the same position. Every single part of your resume has equal importance. The importance of career objective section in a resume is always a burning question for job hunters. This has become a debatable topic because, job seekers have mistook the objective as a mode of expressing their desires and needs from the job; instead of using it...


Successful Spa Desk Strategies


The front desk/reception is the MOST critical part of your business, yet its importance is often overlooked. It is the command center to the life of your spa; the schedule, technicians, and clients all rely on the desk running as efficiently as possible. Your business depends on it. Your spa receptionists or concierge are responsible for a lot of tasks and skills, such as listening, multitasking, problem solving, retail and service...



Know The True Benefits Of Hiring A Marquee

Smith Sebin

The biggest benefit is any type of event can be planned with them as per convenience. Some people believe they only provide shade for the guests but a marquee can do much more than this. To know the same just focus on below points. Help event look spectacular Everybody needs his/her event to be impressive or sensational. Most people spend thousands of additional bucks just for the same but fails to keep up the pace. On the...


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Raising Grandchildren - The Emotional Rollercoaster

Anne Wolski

Although providing care for grandchildren on a temporary basis is commonplace, there is a growing number who are now substantially responsible for raising them on a longer term basis. Usually, this is because their children have found themselves in a situation where they are unable to care for their children. This may be due to a number of factors such as substance abuse, neglect, incarceration, mental or physical illness, family...



The Health and Peace of Purging Your Business and Your Life

Kim Kirmmse Toth

As with any remodeling or moving you are in a position to make decisions for what to keep and what to purge. I have purged A LOT and ARC and Goodwill are very happy with me. That said, I have also saved some things. Closets were filled with prom dresses, ski jackets, other kinds of jackets and coats. All belonging to my adult daughters. Back packs, purses you name it. I would line them up on the couch and take pictures and text...


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